August 10, 2018

Divine Jo

Nani Gi Only You Divine jo

The song Nani Gi which means “Only You” is not just another song but a revelation that launches you into a deeper search for God in your worship. More often than not we are burdened with so much cares in our lives that tend to restrict our spirit from reaching out to God, yet He is always there waiting for us to turn to Him for help. Nevertheless, no matter the challenges of the time, even when they seem insurmountable, God is always there if only we can turn to Him in truth; He alone is the answer that we need.

Divine Jo

I Dey Hail – Divine Jo 2018

Play Halleluyah: The year 2017 is gradually winding up and for some, it’s a good and memorable year. For some others it’s not been so wonderful especially in some countries with various challenges ranging from economic downturns, natural disasters, political…

Halleluyah Divine 2018

Halleluyah Divine Jo 2018

Play Halleluyah: Divine Jo releases brand new single titled Halleluyah to celebrate the death of our lord Jesus Christ. He is a passionate worship leader, multi-instrumentalist, song writer, composer, music director cum producer, music scholar, and licensed music instructor as well as an…

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